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Use this free Geolocation QR Code Generator to create your own QRcodes for any location of the world and see your location in map, you can download the generated qrcode for free.

Use this free Email QRcode generator to create QRcodes for your Email Addresses and you can easily print out the generated qrcode on one click or download a print ready QRcode.

Text to QR Code generator is here and with this option you can easily create a QRcode with anything comes in your mind. You can say I Love You or type just Hello and get a print ready QRcode instantly.

Lets create a direct call QR code with out powerful all-in-one QRcode generator tool and start receiving business calls whenever someone scan your QRcode. You can generate a phone number QRcode and then download or get a print for free.

Create your SMS Qr Codes from this panel. You can generate SMS Qrcode without going to any other page, just select country code, add phone number and add some text then hit the QR code genrate button.

Using this free WiFi QR Code Generator you can share your WiFi network with your friends or you can start giving free WiFi service to your customers in your shop or service center.

Vcard QR Code Generator is here to help you easily create QRcodes for V-cards and put on your visiting cards or business pages and let more people know about you.

Email address to receive payments

Now paying via QR code is possible and PayPal is allowing this type of transactions. So create your own free PayPal QR Code and print it out or download to get paid via QR code.

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